Monday, September 10, 2012

The boyfriend formarly known as Prom Date

I met Prom Date many moons ago. Back in the heady days of freshman year of high school. I was just getting out of my awkward phase and realizing hey, boys really do like me! And Prom Date was a senior with a thing for girls with crazy colored hair.

He destroyed my bridge.

We lost touch after he left school but kept bumping into each other as it's a small town and a small world. It's so funny to hear about those interactions from his point of view. We look at those memories so differently.

Prom Date and I starting hanging out again because of a mutual friend. Little did I know he was following my tale of IIH woe on facebook and madly googling information that I was too scared to look up myself.

The first time I went over to his house with said friend he looked me right in eye and asked, "are you happy?"

To my dismay I couldn't answer that question. I had no idea if I was happy. I hadn't thought in those terms in so long. So I thought about it. And I thought about it. And the answer was no. I went back to Prom Date's house and I really talked to him. I talked about why I wasn't happy and he reminded me it was ok to tell the person you were with what you needed. He reminded me what it felt like to stand up for myself and he reminded me that sometimes we all needed to be a little selfish.

So he needs a new name. This has been a long time coming, but I was waiting until everything was all said and done.

A new name for Prom Date... how about BiFF? Because he will always always always be my best friend. Always.



  1. so u left your husband for prom date or bcuz of a talk? or do i have it all waay wrong.

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